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Below you can donate to a fundraiser setup for me by my sister, donate to the Alpha-1 Foundation, as well as get information on donating plasma and becoming an organ donor.  While you cannot donate plasma directly to me, I encourage you to please donate plasma.  It takes 900 plasma donations at a minimum to treat a patient like me for 1 year.

My sweet sister setup a fundraiser to help with the costs of my treatment.  The hospital bills my insurance company $19K per week for my infusions.  The contracted/adjusted rate is $9K per week.  Again, this is for life… My out of pocket will be met withing the first 2 weeks, but even if I paid $500/month, by the time the next year starts over, I will still have a balance.  I’ve cut my hours back for pulmonary rehab and also only work 1/2 day every Friday to have my infusions… I will need portable oxygen soon as well, and we aren’t sure how much will be covered for an oxygen concentrator and a model that I don’t have to drag a tank around behind me… so there is much up in the air.  My biggest fear, since we have a family business and as a small business, we are so vulnerable… if I lose my insurance, I lose my infusions (if I were to go on Medicaid there would still be a lapse), so I’m trying to think ahead as this treatment will always be extremely expensive and I will always have a fear in the back of my mind.  If you would like to donate to this fundraiser, you can do so by clicking the button below.

Below are the EOB’s from my first 2 weeks of infusions

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